How to grab Freelance Projects

Prepare a Good Portfolio

Smartly managed portfolio catch the attention of the clients, hence; always try to make your profile appealing. Now the question arises, how to make your portfolio eye-catching? In this reference, we suggest you to add your projects in which you are working or you have already worked. When clients check that you have the ability to handle their work then no one can resist them to hire you.

To make a great impression with the client, you need to have a convincing portfolio.

By portfolio, I don’t mean one with a lot of showy graphics and design. Good portfolios use a simple design and show off the best work you have done. If you have worked on some big projects at your daily job, put up some screen shots and a description of the project.

Do not brag too much–just be clear and to the point.

Be Quick to Respond

Face it; on the freelancing sites, a public posting will get a lot of responses. Use whatever tools are available to be one of the first responses the client sees. You can use an RSS reader to track job feeds on Upwork.

Give Away the Secret

In your bid, explain to the client how you’ll implement /  build whatever it is they’re looking for. Give them enough information that they feel like they should use your response to evaluate the rest.

Find the Right Jobs

This is doubly important for Upwork, where you’re limited to a fixed number of bids per week. Setup searches that either identify jobs that match your experience well, or jobs that generally have less bids and you’re able / willing to put in the work.

Bring Your Own Clients

Do you have clients outside these online marketplaces/ platforms? Transition them to billing through the platform you like best. That’s an easy way bring a local reputation online.

Time is Important

The trickiest thing for a freelancer is the client satisfaction. In freelancing clients are unable to check the progress of the project, hence, the best thing you can do is, delivering the assignment within the deadline with minimal errors. Now, a question may pop up in your mind that how you can achieve it? This is quite simple; just follow some easy tips that are provided below

  • Take complete details of the project
  • Know the requirement of your client
  • Make a planned schedule and follow it strictly till the completion of the project

Offer Reasonable Amount

Now, let’s talk upon the amount you should offer, It is a tricky thing. Then, it is your responsibility to convince them to pay a feasible amount. If you are confident about your work then settling your deal on a low budget project is not a good decision. Hence, it will be better to set a reasonable amount. Consider the requirements of the project and your input prior to offer your price.

It may be tempting (all the while frustrating) to try to be the lowest bid. Don’t do that. Yes, if you’re starting out with no reputation as a contractor, you may need to bid lower than you’d want – but don’t get caught up in trying to compete on price. This isn’t a reverse eBay where the lowest bid wins – there are plenty of clients that ignore low bids, because they understand that reflects at least something about quality. Those are the clients you want.

How to grab freelance project

Get Testimonials

Recommendations play a major role in getting business. Testimonials can give your reputation as a freelancer a major boost. After you complete a project, make it a point to get a testimonial from your client.

When you’re adding testimonials to your portfolio, be sure to include the client’s name and company. It makes a difference, especially if prospective clients have heard of the clients or companies you list.

All testimonials are not equal. Detailed, results-focused testimonials leave a lasting impression and work better than vague praise.

When you contact clients for testimonials, ask them for feedback based on numbers. Or at least ask them to be more specific in their feedback.

Here’s an example of a testimonial that’s overly vague: “Working with XYZ was a great experience.”

And here’s one that’s more concrete:

“XYX helped to increase our profit margin by 30% this quarter. “

Testimonials can be crucial for freelancers. So don’t forget to include testimonials received from charity projects in your portfolio.

Spread the Word and Market Yourself

Marketing plays an important role and you need to make yourself known in places where you are likely to find potential clients.

You can meet clients both online and offline and you should have a strategy for both.

When meeting a potential client in person, maintain a casual and friendly tone. A potential client is more likely to hire you if you can connect with him or her personally, so avoid being overly formal.

If the person doesn’t seem interested in working with you right now, transition the conversation into a personal chat. Get to know them a bit and build a good, friendly relationship. Be sure to follow up with the prospect later and keep him in the loop, in case he requires your expertise in future.

Attend Meetups

Social connection can have a drastic impact on your career growth. The more well connected you are, the more likely you are to get projects.

But how can you get better connected?

While social networking sites can be a great way to interact with people and to make new connections, I would suggest that you start the old fashioned way. Having a leisure chat with someone over a cup of coffee helps parties understand the other better, and it can help you leave a lasting impression.

Attending technical meetups is another excellent way to interact with people and promote yourself. Meetups give you a chance to share your knowledge as well as learn new things from fellow attendees.