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Vindhya Process Solutions, registered under MSME, provides complete IT, Digital and Website Solutions.

We provide Printing of OMR Sheets, its scanning, result preparation, Scanning / Digitization of documents along with additional services of Website Designing and Digital Marketing.

Now there is no need to carry files for meetings and hardcopies anywhere. Get it done on one-stop solution. The huge and bulky files will be scanned and can be searched through pdf files after data scanning. The documents will be scanned and available online for your use.

Apart from that Vindhya Process Solutions , the Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida also promote your Brand Digitally.

We design websites and provide Digital Marketing. The most important in today’s world is to promote your Brand globally. We help in growing the Brand and provide complete solutions for Website Promotion.

Services we offer

1. Scanning of documents

2. Website Designing

3. Digital Marketing




Vindhya Process Solutions, the Best Scanning Company in Noida have their process as under:

a) Preparing of records for scanning i.e. un-tagging of files, cleaning, straightening etc.

b) The files/registers/reports will be scanned and stored in binary format in the MS Access database,

c) These digitized files will be made available in a single PDF file for each File/register/report separately.

d) Scanning will be in color and clearly readable format

e) Scanning: The paper size can be in different sizes. The minimum scanning Resolution will be 300-DPI.

f) We will also do the following:-

  • Unbinding/ binding of the documents with the permission of the concerned  Department, if required.
  • Physical numbering each page of the document as per predefined scheme, if  required.
  • Scanning & indexing each page & document
  • Preparation of CD/DVDs comprising of scanned documents
  • Binding of the original document/file.
  • Physical numbering of the document
  • Storage of numbered document at the concerned office

g) Indexing: The index will basically provide the name and number of the document. For the Department’s files, the Indexing parameters will be as under:

  • File type, Number, year
  • Subject name
  • Section name
  • Category, if any etc.
  • Quality Assurance: Every image will clearly be readable. The best image quality shall be achieved by state of the art Scanners, Processors & quality equipment with automatic control features.

i) The accuracy of final documents will be 100%.


The Best Website Designing Company in Noida provides Domain Registration, Web Hosting and designing of websites, CPanel Hosting with Custom Emails.

1. Corporate Websites

2. Business Website

3. E-Commerce Websites

4. Portfolio Websites

5. Landing Pages

6. Blogging Websites.


The Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida, provide all Services to Promote your business.

1. Email Marketing 

Generating Leads and Preparing Database with verified Emails. Creating Campaigns  for sending Emails,          Newsletters, etc. and scheduling as per the requirements.

(Tools used – Email Reaper, Email Verifier, Mailchimp, HubSpot, SendGrid)

2. PPC (Pay-per-click) / Online Advertising

Google Ads and Social Media Ads 

Creating Ads to publish on Google or Social Media with optimizing the best searched keywords, Bidding Strategy with Conversion tracking. A/B Testing, Generating Facebook Pixel. Linking Adwords Account with Google Analytics. 

3. Social Media Marketing

Creating pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Creating ads on Social Media. Tracking of Facebook Pixels, A/B Testing, Boost Posting, Automated Messaging. Creating Board and Pins in Pinterest.

4. Search Engine Optimization

This is the most important part of Digital Marketing which involves optimization of website by searching of best keywords, optimizing the website, Making website load faster and lot more.

There are various techniques and services involved in SEO. Here are list of services which we provide under SEO.

(i) Link Building

(ii) Guest Posting

(iii) PR Releases

 (iv) Optimizing Websites

(v) Providing  Off-page SEO,  On-page SEO and  Local SEO.

(vi) Getting noticed on Google through Google My Business

(vii) Featured Images, Rich and featured snippets, Yoast SEO.

(vii) Analysing competitors.

5. Google Analytics

Analysing of traffic, Demography, Interactions and Getting complete Website Audit. Setting Google Tag Manager, Search Console

6. Graphic DesigningLogo Design, Banners/Poster design, E-book Publishing and Designing.

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