Top best apps to automate the customer care of your business

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What we mean by “automated customer service” is anything that enables our clients to find answers to their questions without having to communicate with a live person. Removing humans from the equation as a potential solution to a problem may at first seem to be contrary to common sense. However, since the days of anxiously attempting to communicate with people on the receiving end of an automated voice recording, the software has gone a long way and improved significantly.

Importance of Customer Care:

Automated support systems, in contrast to human support staff, are accessible to give assistance around the clock and every day of the year. They also have a lower overall cost of operation compared to human customer service employees.

Top best apps to automate the customer care of your business

In addition to this, they provide assistance to your customer support staff by taking care of routine, uncomplicated duties and distributing tickets to the relevant departments. This frees up your reps so that they may provide more concentrated attention to clients who really need human assistance.


Help desk software, customer relationship management (CRM), and an online platform all rolled into one: Zendesk. It equips customer care workers with all of the tools they need to react to consumer requests from a variety of channels simultaneously.

Top best apps to automate the customer care of your business

Your staff will also be able to contribute to a knowledge base that is always expanding, thanks to Zendesk. Customers have the ability to discover their own solutions whenever they need them, thanks to this self-service customer support option, which is available around the clock.


A digital customer service solution, Sparkcentral enables you to manage all of your customer care activities from a single platform. All of the messages that you get through Text messages, social media, WhatsApp, live chat, and applications will be consolidated into a single inbox for your convenience.

It provides clients with the quickest possible response by including capabilities for virtual agents, often known as chatbots driven by artificial intelligence. These chatbots are intended to work in tandem with human customer service representatives. Customers are provided with the necessary amount of individualized attention and assistance at all times.

Sparkcentral offers a dashboard that enables users to view data from live agents, chatbots, and their current CRM, all in one convenient location. You may get a better understanding of how successfully your customer service activities meet the expectations of customers if you have robust reporting and survey capabilities. This indicates that you have the ability to continually endeavor to increase the pleasure of your customers.


The live chat application known as Clickdesk enables your customer care staff to provide assistance to users in the form of text, audio, and video conversations. Because agents are able to see what customers are typing before they send the message, response times have been significantly improved.

Customers are stimulated to contact the company by using pop-up boxes that are personalized and available in many languages. In the meantime, an integrated help desk contributes to the overall organization of things.


Hootsuite is a powerful platform for providing monitoring tools for customer service. It combines the advantages of a social media inbox with those of a social media calendar, content library, and thorough statistics all in one place.


Within the inbox, you have the ability to delegate support requests to certain team members and watch the status of such requests. Hootsuite Analytics offers comprehensive statistics on reaction times in addition to other crucial teams KPIs. You are able to find what aspects are successful and make adjustments to those that are not.

A social listening campaign may also be established with the use of Hootsuite’s boards and streams. This indicates that you are able to locate public social postings that demand a response from a customer care representative, even if you are not specifically tagged in such messages.


Freshdesk is software for managing customer service that enables your team to provide assistance and service through the phone in addition to a number of other social media.


In-person support calls may also be coordinated with the help of simple scheduling appointments and real-time status updates.


Salesforce is an advanced-level customer relationship management (CRM) that was developed with the express purpose of facilitating collaboration across teams inside enterprises in order to provide superior service to customers.

That means that members of your team working in IT, sales, marketing, Support, or any other concerned departments have access to the same client information and can work together to provide the assistance that your customers need.

Customers are delighted, and growth is driven by’s comprehensive but simple to manage support requests, information sources, automation, and reporting features. The fact that the feature-rich support software is so simple to automate makes it an excellent choice for corporate customers, as well as startups, existing enterprises, and other types of organizations. You may even personalize it by integrating it with social media and adding preset replies so that you can handle consumer problems in a more expedient and automated manner.


On the market for software solutions to provide customer assistance, LiveAgent is up there among the leading competitors. It offers an extensive feature set on its multichannel Support that enables you to provide outstanding assistance experiences by combining live chat, email, and social media in one place.

The software is fantastic for small companies and can be scaled to suit the requirements of larger enterprises. Some of its features include gamification of assistance, web-embedded contact forms, and collaborative space.


The customer relationship management software offered by Bitrix24 gives businesses a central location from which they can write and track interactions with prospective or current clients.

Businesses are given the ability to log in and monitor customer interactions, capture and store lead information, generate sales reports, and build segmentation of the target audience via the use of this software.

Zoho Desk:

It provides you with all of the tools you need to transform the way you handle customer care into a process that boosts reporting and efficiency. With its report features, you are able to monitor all of your agents and make choices based on the data collected, and with its automation capabilities, you are able to automate and facilitate communication across several channels.

You will be able to improve your connections with customers and your revenues over time, thanks to all of its functionalities, which combined will put you in the right direction.

JIRA Service Desk:

JIRA is one of the few open source solutions on our list, and it is fantastic for assisting teams in collaborating on the technical parts of the projects they are working on. During development, testing, and launch, it will be easier for you to detect flaws and system faults, as well as locate and fix them.

It manages a ticketing system, in addition to a self-service portal and a dashboard, using an easy-to-use graphical user interface. It is an excellent method for teams in this situation to get the real-time data and analytics necessary to evaluate the level of success achieved by their service.


Even while Intercom is most known for its chat tool, the features of its customer support software solution are just as straightforward and intuitive to use as their chat solution. Because it is simple to get started with its collaboration and automation tools, which were built to scale and improve customer support in your organization, you don’t need a lot to get started the right way with assisting customers. This is because the tools were designed to improve customer support in your organization.


AirCall is a mobile cloud-based support solution that was developed specifically for customer service and sales teams. Small and medium-sized enterprises are able to obtain telephonic assistance in 30 countries via the use of Aircall, which also enables these organizations to customize their numbers for customer care and successfully redirect calls to the allocated help representative. Each customer uses the program that Aircall makes accessible for their own computer, Mac, or mobile phones in order to make and attend calls.

This software for phone support is geared at companies that have customer service departments with anything from five to fifty employees, and it can handle teams of any size. Aircall also works in coordination with well-known customer relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Zoho and Salesforce, which enables you to include your sales staff in the support platform.


It is essential that you be aware that various features are offered by each piece of software, and it is up to you to choose which feature is most appropriate for your company.

These customer care software applications for small companies make it possible for you to construct an automated help system that will give your teams assistance in better servicing your clients, offering superior Support, and approaching them with useful answers. Always keep in mind that nonetheless of whether or not you have chosen to automate your customer service, you should make every effort to avoid keeping your customers waiting for replies. The sooner you solve your customers’ issues, the more satisfied they will be with your company

Top best apps to automate the customer care of your business
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Top best apps to automate the customer care of your business
Automation of customer service is a method of providing customer assistance that decreases the amount of human participation in the resolution of client inquiries. Businesses may accomplish automated customer service by providing customers with access to self-service tools, encouraging proactive messaging, or simulating online chat sessions.
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