Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Digital marketing efforts at a higher risk of cyber attacks. That’s why cyber security is so important in digital marketing today.

To prevent a breach in your online security, one must ensure protection for customers, partners and employees to secure your digital platforms such as your website, your social platforms, your payment portals, as well as securing internal systems such as your intranet, email, and records. Cyber security is important in digital marketing because it has direct interface with customers.

Protecting the website is extremely important when it comes to your digital platforms. If your website is hacked, it could lead to financial loss and even fines. Even a minor attack on your website may slow down responses and customers can’t access all or part of the website.

What can you do to protect your website?

Make sure your system, programs, plug-ins are up to date and update them as soon as the release of a new version.

A digital certificate should be installed on the website, such as an SSL certificate, as this protects information sent and received from unauthorized access.

How do you protect your email attacks?

Recognize fraudulent emails and never click on links found in these emails. Next, you should choose the complex passwords to avoid intrusion by hackers using tools designed to guess passwords. Finally, should change passwords frequently.

How can you protect your social media?

Cyber security is also important in managing social media accounts. Despite improvements by major social media providers, social media accounts are hacked with ease and create serious damage to your brand and reputation. Protect your social media accounts in the same way you would your website or email systems.