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Change is occurring in the market as it has been the onward trend for all businesses.  As markets have fallen. Despite that only one market is at boom and will continue be is the online businesses. The recent market trend has shown that online portals for reading and videos have grown at the rate of 250%. This is highest growth seen in the market during the lockdown of the world because of Covid19. Economist feels that this growth is not a balloon growth which would burst out when the markets will open. The existing trends would be continuing for longer times as no vaccine has come up for a solution to get the market back on the old trends. In the near future, we will be seeing mostly online businesses as social distancing would be followed for more than a years. According some of the researches by the UK universities, it believes that social distancing and social interaction would be on a downward trend. Keeping this in mind many industries across the world which has never thought of internet business as potential is moving towards it. The today’s trend is to go for online business.

The thing to keep in mind while choosing a company is:

1) Portal Design: The service provider should be able to provide you an online portal with simple yet interactive design. The design should have to be attractive at the same time the keen products of your company should be displayed and presented in the best possible fashion.

2) The secure Payment Gateway: the online business should have a secure payment gateway system. Nowadays the internet frauds have made customer very aware and they want gateway system when they feed in their bank information. If the gateway system is not secure or some with a fault it can lead to the downfall of the entire website you have developed for your business. The security of business can be attained to having a secure payment gateway. It should be checked in from the implementation end as well as from the customer end then only its success can be known.

3) Development on what kinds of platform: everyone is using mobiles more than laptop. The website should come in with two different formats one for the mobile application and other for the desktop application. Usually a good company makes the website portal for any kind of viewing so that makes the end-users comfortable to use the website. This also helps in retaining the customers as it has the approach of being used anytime, anywhere and friendly as it is quick to open whenever you want it.

4) End-to-end solution: a good website provider always provides end-to-end solution. Thus meaning that it would give the designing of the website, interfaces that the website should have and a good back up system. Nowadays, the companies are providing artificial intelligence within the website which has made the owner of site keep the track of all its clients allover the world and keep then enstored in their database for a long time.

5) Testing at each stage: to make sure that the website is not just a dummy. It is dynamic for that you have to keep testing it from time to time. A good service provider would invite you over for testing of the website whenever an important stage is completed. As it is win a win suitable for both ends. They know what the customer requires as well as know the progress of the website development too. It helps in building up a good communication between the two parts and open form to talk about doubts as well as implementation of new ideas.

6) After sale’s services: the main function of developing company starts after the site is created. That is the maintenance of the site. The owner of the site should employee the existing company to maintain it. When the travel starts following then the functioning has to be very smooth. If at that time the functions don’t run properly under pressure thus meaning the sites needs to update and changes has to be made. But a good service provider always sees that he keep the maintaining with them for a year as it helps the customer be care freely doing its business in the long run.

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