Online shopping is more preferred than offline shopping

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Online Stores v/s Offline Stores

Physical stores have limited stocks. They only keep those things which are common and most selling. There are many different reasons which affect the availability of other products. The local retailer also tries to sell their limited stock. While online shopping showcase variety from their stocks and various other stores. 63% of shoppers shop online because you can browse and select as per your choice and latest trend. You can find various products on a single platform. You can visit many stores to find product of your choice. In online shopping you can do it from anywhere, anytime. Just visit the app or website and start shopping.

Why are Online Stores preferred

The purpose of online shopping is not only the availability of a wide range of different products. But they offer a lower price as well. That’s the one reason why do people shop online. There are several options available to compare prices from different stores. Believe nothing is problematic at lower prices. E-Retailers only reduce their profit margin to attract customers. They understand the weakness of buyers. Occasionally e-retailers offer discounts on different products and best deals to increase their sale among competitors.

Apart from discounts there are coupon codes and deals available on coupon sites.

When you visit physical stores, the floor assistants try to lure you into buying more items. Sometimes we go to the store to buy one item and bring four items. These activities and behaviors feel like a pressure to buy unwanted items and shoppers must not feel so while visiting or leaving a shop.

Online procedure makes easy checkout and delivery. When a person visits an online shopping platform, he gets clear information about the product he wants to purchase. The user will also know that product is environment friendly or not.

Online shopping has better future for both buyers and retailers.

Best Digital Marketing Company

Online shoppers are more price sensitive than offline shoppers

Online shoppers are more price sensitive, because of the easy availability of all products/service providers at one place. More choices increase the competition, and hence, better product/services with a tight price war. This make product/service providers to reduce their costs, and high volume of business makes it possible.

The online players are able to give better prices than brick-and-mortar model, because of the following factors:

  1. Low Operating Costs. You do not need to maintain stores/staff to sell, which provides the flexibility to pass on the margins to the customers.
  2. Low Marketing Costs. Digital Marketing cost is very low, in comparison to the traditional methods, to fulfill the needs of brick and mortar model.
  3. Flexibility to the customers to have more options on:
  4. Price
  5. Customers gets more options to choose from, compare features/prices, customers do not face the issue of non availability of varieties on a store near them.
  6. Easy availability at all locations ( home delivery model ), they do not have to travel specifically.
  7. Reviews and Ratings
  8. Warranty Coverages. Most online stores sign the agreement with product sellers to provide on- site or off site warranty, which is linked with the fulfilment/credibility/ratings of the sellers.

All these factors bring the volumes to the online model, that provides online players, the muscle power to reduce the costs.

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